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Making the decision to get help for your teenager is a strong and empowering first step toward a life of big dreams and overall wellness. No matter which route you choose, I congratulate you for your dedication to helping your teenager thrive and succeed. Remember, "The hall of love has 10,000 swords, don't be afraid to choose one." - Rumi

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“Megan is a true pleasure to work with. She helped me get to the root of my challenges and each session left me reflecting and excited to make lasting changes in my life.”

Diana - Occupational Therapist and Counselor

"Megan has an amazing sense of the world we live in and how that world affects our young ones. She is patient, intuitive and listens. You can tell this in how she is always inquiring and growing herself so that she can help and connect with her client. My son did a group session with her and while I wouldn’t give him a high review for participation, I do know that in dealing with him after he has grown and I was impressed with Megan’s delivery. Being able to connect with teens is an art form and Megan is a master. High quality coaching and if you engage with her, you will become a more effective communicator.


Megan has a energetic, warm, and engaging way of building a relationship with a teen! This allows her to help them build confidence, and excitement about themselves while creating goals, utilizing a positive perspective to reevaluate or work through tough times.

T. Stotlar

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