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“Megan is a true pleasure to work with. She helped me get to the root of my challenges and each session left me reflecting and excited to make lasting changes in my life.”

Diana - Occupational Therapist and Counselor

"Working with Megan had a been a game changer! She has helped me with health and wellness goals by adjusting the way I think about food and fitness. I have been able to make small changes throughout the process that has helped me reach big goals, such as ditching pop and sugar. I had always wanted to make big changes, but it seemed like an uphill battle and impossible. With Megan’s help, I have developed mental toughness, and my goals made achievable."

Jessica - Teacher & Mom

I expected having a coach would help me be healthier and help me deal with my daughters mental health issues by learning how to make it not hurt. Megan helped me realize that it will always hurt but that I know that I am not the problem. I know that i have done all i can do and you can only help someone who wants help. I am a work in progress but she taught me so many ways to handle life in a healthy way. Invest in yourself by having Megan Devito be your coach, you will grow more than you could imagine! Trust the process!

Laura - Mom, Respiratory Therapist, Client


"The hall of love has 10,000 swords, don't be afraid to use one." - Rumi

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