Taking Small Steps to BIG Changes

A Little Bit About Me

Passionate about helping teens discover what they want and helping them achieve their goals.

I have been a teacher and a coach for a combined 25 years, all the while learning about different topics that interested me. I've studied everything from insurance to healthy behaviors, using my knowledge in and out of my classroom. I still teach high school three days a week where I am able to mix in a little bit of all of my life experiences to help my students, not only with Social Studies, but in taking their lives by the horns and stepping into the vision each one wants for themselves. I am certain I learn as much from them as they do from me.

After school, I have also spent countless hours on the pool deck coaching my own four children and others from ages 5 - 18 to set achievable goals, pursue them with persistence and hard work, and hold them lovingly accountable to achieve the times they want to hit. We celebrated big time when those goals were achieved!

When the opportunity to use my passion for helping  children and teenagers achieve their potential in the classroom and in the swimming pool combined with my knowledge of teaching and coaching a sport, my career as a coach was born. 


I am thrilled to be able to guide teenagers on their path to success. Whether a teen is struggling with school pressure, health goals or confidence challenges, I am there to lovingly but firmly guide them toward success. Through challenges come insight and strength that allow them to achieve their goals. By making small changes and taking focused steps, my clients are able to grow and experience BIG results! 

I live with my husband and four children (ages 19, 16, 13, and 10) in Indiana but since my sessions are conducted over the phone and online, I am able coach teens and adults all over the United States.  I would love to spend 45 minutes talking with you and your son or daughter! You can click HERE to schedule your Breakthrough Session. 

How Is This Different?

Support. Accountability. A system that digs deep.

Do you feel like you are always trying the newest, best, health and wellness craze or trying over and over to get started on a project but never make any lasting changes? If you have been on this emotional roller coaster and are ready to stop the up and down, and take small powerful steps that are easy and fun, you are in the right place. My coaching system and tools that offer the right system, the right support, and the right accountability so that from the first session where we really talk about what you want to the last where we celebrate the amazing changes you have made, you have your own personal cheerleader and butt-kicker (That's me ;-) ) cheering you on and guiding you. Make today the day you start taking control of your life.  Sign up for your Breakthrough Session now!

"What Do You Do?"

 There are so many answers to this question but in the easiest terms, I teach teens and young adults who feel overwhelmed, misunderstood, and frustrated how to find their voice and use their gifts so they are empowered and successful.  Together (and sometimes with the guidance of a physican, nutritionist, or counselor), we explore goals and  how to find a new path to success, because what works for one person usually doesn't work for everyone. From the way you learn, communicate, and stay healthy, each teenager and adult is entirely their own person. There is only one YOU and the world deserves a YOU who knows how to shine!


I would love to talk more to you about how I can help you or your teenager tackle goals and by clicking here, you can schedule your free Breakthrough session. This no pressure one-on-one conversation will leave you with at least one powerful insight on what you want and how to take the next step. I can't wait to talk with you soon!

By the way, since you stopped by, make sure you take a minute to sign up so you don't miss any of the awesome videos, recipes, tips and tools that will fortify your health and inspire you to take bold steps into your best life! 


“Megan is a true pleasure to work with. She helped me get to the root of my challenges and each session left me reflecting and excited to make lasting changes in my life.”

Diana - Occupational Therapist and Counselor

"Working with Megan had a been a game changer! She has helped me with health and wellness goals by adjusting the way I think about food and fitness. I have been able to make small changes throughout the process that has helped me reach big goals, such as ditching pop and sugar. I had always wanted to make big changes, but it seemed like an uphill battle and impossible. With Megan’s help, I have developed mental toughness, and my goals made achievable."

Jessica - Teacher & Mom

I expected having a coach would help me be healthier and help me deal with my daughters mental health issues by learning how to make it not hurt. Megan helped me realize that it will always hurt but that I know that I am not the problem. I know that i have done all i can do and you can only help someone who wants help. I am a work in progress but she taught me so many ways to handle life in a healthy way. Invest in yourself by having Megan Devito be your coach, you will grow more than you could imagine! Trust the process!

Laura - Mom, Respiratory Therapist, Client

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