Bravery is a Verb.

Let's jump right into the thick of it today, shall we? I've been so excited for this week to get here for a host of reasons. This is my LAST week of school and my schedule is flying wide open for fun and incredible coaching. I'm able to finally focus solely on my business, my coaching, and my life outside of my classroom which is super exciting to me. I know it's summer and maybe I'm supposed to have a "bucket list" mindset but I'm way too excited for all of the other fun things on my list. I totally believe that this is a powerful season in my life and I'm following that belief right into the rest of what is always my favorite time of year.

In the middle of planning all the things I want to share with you, I found myself stuck in a mountain of ideas with trouble staying focused on ONE thing instead of a million little tidbits. I sometimes find myself frustrated and unable to think of the "right thing" to share instead of acknowledging that, in all honesty, I had too many ideas.

I spiral.

I tell myself I have nothing.

I tell myself I can simply not share anything this week.

I tell myself I'm never going to get there.

What I'm getting at is, it is easy to get locked down in indecision and overwhelm. The brain loves familiarity, security, and staying comfortable at all costs.

While I was listening Mel Robbins and