Choose Your Own Adventure

I do my best thinking in the shower.

Friend, maybe its just me but I swear my greatest intuition and divine connections show up as I'm shaving my legs or conditioning my hair. I'm soaking wet with no paper available and I get these great ideas that usually go down the drain with the bubbles. However every once in awhile those ideas stick with me, so here I am writing this today before I get distracted by life and forget again. And honestly, the simple fact that I remembered something after drying off must mean this is an important message to get out to you, right?

Yesterday, my oldest baby boy who is no longer a baby but almost 22 years old, moved out with a bed - which, in my mom brain totally means it's official; he moved out. As proud as I am of him, and yes, I know this is what we raise our kids to do, my heart is a little sad. Every year at this time, I see my kids growing up, leveling up, becoming amazing humans, and things are equal parts exciting and heavy. I'm feeling a little anxious about where I am in the scheme of things and hoping I spent enough time with them, taught them how to do adult things, and screwed their heads on straight enough: their hearts I never question.

As I laid down to try to sleep last night, I couldn't help shedding a few tears as my mind raced in anxious exhaustion. I knew I absolutely needed to reset my brain if I was going to get out of this tailspin that happens when my mind starts down the rabbit hole of scary stories. I needed to seek the truth and set the record straight - STAT!

Do you know this feeling? You're laying in bed and your mind starts creating scenarios that neither exist, nor are likely but they grab your attention so quickly that your body reacts, leaving you full of energy - the LAST thing you need to fall asleep! I followed my own advice, calmed myself down, and ended up sleeping like a baby.