Not Weird. Not Coincidence. Totally Awesome.

You know, some days are just blah. Maybe it was the cold rain or the Sunday blues but whatever it was, I was feeling it yesterday. Not to say the whole day was wrecked because I had a lovely Sunday at church with my family and the best meal later Sunday night where I managed to devour my feelings in two large plates of pulled pork, slaw, and macaroni and cheese. For health purposes (and to fit in more smoked pork) I skipped the bun. >.> Let's pretend that was a enough to offset the strawberry shortcake, okay? Okay. I mean, geez guys! I'm a health coach - that doesn't mean I'm Superman. That meal is my kryptonite!

Back to the weird stuff. I don't want to dwell on the bad day because all that does is attract more bad. If you're into manifestation and prayer; if you subscribe to a traditional religion or you're just spiritual, if you pray to God, to Spirit, the big Daddy in the Sky or That Which Is Greater, you know what I'm talking about when I say, like attracts like. (If you don't, keep reading. I'll get there.) A few weeks ago, due to some supreme crap, my friend was fired from her position as the head coach at a local high school where she also lost access to the school's pool. This is the same pool where her club team - the team where I have coached and my kids swim, practiced every night. This was my home base. Since losing the pool, I also have lost my job as a swim coach and it all finally slammed into me with one giant punch to the gut yesterday. I am sad. I am BEYOND sad. I am angry, feeling lost, unsure of my identity without coaching swimming, and devastated for both my friend and my kids, and at the idea of changing teams. Yesterday I snot-cried into my glass of wine, right before demolishing half a hog, to my parents before dinner.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know.

"It's only swimming."

"Everything will turn out okay."

"Your kids will be fine."

"You'll coach again."

I get it. I'm not dying and I 100 % know that God has a reason for this turn in the road but it still sucks. Like I said, I don't want to spend a ton of time on the bad stuff so I'm going to tie this portion up with a bow and send it on it's way. It was a crappy day. It's over. Moving on.

Somewhere between the wine and the smoked pork, the conversation rolled round to my first grade teacher, Mrs. Berry. (This is where the mood all changed.) Mrs. Berry was the jolliest, smiliest, most genuine, loving teacher you could imagine. Imagine a grandma/Mr. Rogers mashup and launch it into 1982. First grade might be the ONLY year I can ever remember wanting to go to school and it was for sure, the year that made me want to teach. Serious irony right? Girl loathes school for serious anxiety reasons but wants to teach?... Anyway, I have so many warm fuzzy feelings from my little elementary school and so many of them happened in that one golden year when I was seven years old.

Guess which on is me.

I mentioned to my parents and to the rest of my family that, five or six years ago, I had friended Mrs. Berry on Facebook but that I hadn't seen anything from her in just as long. I wasn't sure if she was even still living! The evening went on without much more thought of Columbia Township School or of Mrs. Berry. I went to bed feeling miserably stuffed and considering a late night workout without the physical capacity to move, due to the fact that my stomach may actually have been ripping apart from a complete lack of self-control. Thank God the day was over!


I overslept.

It snowed.

It is Monday.

Just another Manic Monday.....

No. I reminded myself while I was showering that attitude and perception is not my reality. What I want, I create. God/Universe/Spirit has my back and I need to be thankful for all that I have so I started my day like I always do. If you're new to the idea of how to feel AMAZING, step one is always gratitude. I teach it to my students. I teach it to my kids. I'm teaching it to you. Be thankful for what you already have and expect what you want. Believe it is already yours and say THANK YOU for it in advance!

I'm thankful for hot water.

I'm thankful for this awesome day.

I'm thankful for breakfast.

I'm thankful that Kenny woke me up.

I'm thankful that I'm able to get up!

etc. etc. etc.....

Once the kids were out the door to the bus, I opened my Instagram to post my daily picture then jumped over to Facebook to make sure the post had transferred to my page and BAM!!!