Juicy Info

Raise your hand if you're a juice fan!

In all fairness, I'm writing this from the perspective of a girl who isn't a juicing fan other than a few days of some celery juice and I have stopped that too. For me, it's too sweet or too intense. I get nauseous and I struggle with my blood sugar dropping faster than the ball on New Year's Eve. For others, they feel energized and swear by juices. Juicing is boasted by celebrities, some health professionals, yogis and fitness buffs all over the place as a way to lose weight, get healthy, and detoxify your body. Let's take a few minutes to talk about the positives and negatives of juicing and, if you choose to try it, the approach you should consider taking because there are definitely some benefits and some precautions you want to consider before starting.

First, let me cover the obvious question for those of us who aren't familiar with juicing. What is juicing anyway?

Lets be clear that juicing is NOT buying commercial juices like a carton of OJ or a bottle of apple juice. If you're considering trying to add juicing to your diet, that will 100% not work for you and I'm just saying NO right now. Okay? Okay...

Juicing is the process of separating the juice of vegetables from the fiberous portion. If health class is long since out of your head, those two parts of of a fruit or veggie do very different things. To begin, fiber doesn't carry nutritional value. It carries digestive value (a ton of it!) Think of it as the street sweeper of your innards. Fiber helps clean up your digestive track and it keeps you feeling full. Fi