My Dog Gives Me Too Much Credit

Are you a dog person or a cat person?

Maybe you're not a pet person, if not, I totally get it. I wasn't for a very long time but, out of the blue, my sweet Georgia stole my heart and changed how I felt about having another dog - even when they track in mud, smell like God knows what, and dig holes. Georgia passed away last December and I miss her everyday. Her shaggy sister, Rosie, is a hilarious sidekick to our new puppy Molly. These two keep wondering what in the world is going on and on my toes. Rosie is skittish, silly, and smart... but also dumber than a box of rocks at the same time. Molly is energetic, intelligent, and right now a total pain in the butt. They're both sweet girls and they make me as crazy as they do sane.

Don't let the fact that Molly is sleeping fool you. She probably just ran 5 miles in the back yard and dug a hole to Asia.

What about you? If you do have a dog or a cat, or a fish or a snake, (Why would someone have a snake? 😱!) I'd love to hear about them! Tell me what you love and what makes you bananas about the little fluff buckets in your life in the comments. When it comes to your pets, they aren't just adorable devoted friends. Having a pet in your house has enormous health benefits.

Here are a few ways that your dog or cat, or even your goldfish, can impact both your physical or mental health. Having a pet REDUCES ANXIETY and DEPRESSION. Playing with your pet increases serotonin and dopamine levels which increase the good feelings. Simply petting your dog or cat or talking to your goldfish gives you a feeling of companionship; if you live alone or feel alone, having a pet to talk to and the responsibility of caring for helps you FEEL WANTED AND NEEDED. 🐾

Having a pet can also help to calm your nervous system. When you lower your overall anxiousness and stress, your cortisol level (a stress hormone) goes down and as does the intensity and frequency of anxiety and anxiety attacks. You feel more calm and centered and your furry friends get some love too. 🐾