Not Just Edible Dental Floss

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Don't laugh but I made and drank celery juice yesterday. I'm not kidding. I put it in the blender, mixed it all up with a little bit of apple and downed it. It was warmish and not stringy and not as disgusting as I anticipated. Actually, it would have been refreshing if it were colder. You may be asking yourself which deep end I just fell into now and to save you from wondering, I'm just going to tell you. My ear is junk.

Yeah, you heard that right... my ear is junk. Is your's? Do you think you didn't hear/read that correctly? I promise you didn't. My left ear rings constantly, is always full but not infected, feels pressure and has hearing loss which all adds up to what is likely Miniere's disease. It is super annoying and there isn't anything doctor's can do about it so I decided to see what kind of Mother Earth concoction I could come up with to make it stop. Up until I met with a client of mine, I didn't have any remedy that was any good at doing much that actually worked. Low and behold, when I sat down with my client, she mentioned that a friend of her's also has Miniere's disease and had started drinking celery juice. This was how I looked.

Celery juice?